USA Delivery

Customs Update
There is currently a higher than usual backlog at US customs so parcels may be subject to delay. We thank you for your patience.

Map of American States available for delivery

States we deliver to

In the United States of America, we can deliver to:

New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina
Washington DC

*Delivery only available to major cities.

We regret that we are unable to deliver to any other territories in the US at this time.

Delivery Costs

Number of BottlesStandard Shipping
1 bottle£80.00
2 bottles£90.00
3 bottles£100.00
4 bottles£110.00
5 bottles£120.00
6 bottles£130.00
7 bottles£210.00
8 bottles£220.00
9 bottles£230.00
10 bottles£240.00
11 bottles£250.00
12 bottles£260.00
13 bottles£340.00
14 bottles£350.00
15 bottles£360.00
16 bottles£370.00
17 bottles£380.00
18 bottles£390.00
19 bottles£470.00
20 bottles£480.00
21 bottles£490.00
22 bottles£500.00
23 bottles£510.00
24 bottles£520.00
25 bottles£600.00
26 bottles£610.00
27 bottles£620.00
28 bottles£630.00
29 bottles£640.00
30 bottles£650.00
31 bottles£730.00
32 bottles£740.00
33 bottles£750.00
34 bottles£760.00
35 bottles£770.00
36 bottles£780.00
37 bottles£860.00
38 bottles£870.00
39 bottles£880.00
40 bottles£890.00
41 bottles£900.00
42 bottles£910.00
43 bottles£990.00
44 bottles£1,000.00
45 bottles£1,010.00
46 bottles£1,020.00
47 bottles£1,030.00
48 bottles£1,040.00
49 bottles£1,120.00
50 bottles£1,130.00
51 bottles£1,140.00
52 bottles£1,150.00
53 bottles£1,160.00
54 bottles£1,170.00
55 bottles£1,250.00
56 bottles£1,260.00
57 bottles£1,270.00
58 bottles£1,280.00
59 bottles£1,290.00
60 bottles£1,300.00
61 bottles£1,380.00
62 bottles£1,390.00
63 bottles£1,400.00
64 bottles£1,410.00
65 bottles£1,420.00
66 bottles£1,430.00
67 bottles£1,510.00
68 bottles£1,520.00
69 bottles£1,530.00
70 bottles£1,540.00
71 bottles£1,550.00
72 bottles£1,560.00
73 bottles£1,640.00
74 bottles£1,650.00
75 bottles£1,660.00
76 bottles£1,670.00
77 bottles£1,680.00
78 bottles£1,690.00
79 bottles£1,770.00
80 bottles£1,780.00
81 bottles£1,790.00
82 bottles£1,800.00
83 bottles£1,810.00
84 bottles£1,820.00
85 bottles£1,900.00
86 bottles£1,910.00
87 bottles£1,920.00
88 bottles£1,930.00
89 bottles£1,940.00
90 bottles£1,950.00
91 bottles£2,030.00
92 bottles£2,040.00
93 bottles£2,050.00
94 bottles£2,060.00
95 bottles£2,070.00
96 bottles£2,080.00
97 bottles£2,160.00
98 bottles£2,170.00
99 bottles£2,180.00
100 bottles£2,190.00

Please note: we can only send a maximum of 6 bottles per parcel to the United States. This means that the cost of delivery will reset once the limit of six bottles has been reached. For example, the delivery cost of seven bottles will be calculated by the cost of six bottles plus the cost of one bottle. Shipments with more than 12 bottles may take longer to arrive and will be sent in split deliveries as we can only send 12 bottles per consignment.


We will provide a tracking link for your order that will allow you to follow its progress to your delivery destination. This will be sent by email as soon as it becomes available from our courier.

Prohibited delivery

  • PO boxes are not acceptable for delivery purposes.
  • Schools are not acceptable addresses due to the nature of the contents of the packages.

Additional Delivery Notes

  • Delivery is calculated per bottle, where a bottle is assumed to weigh 2kg. Please note that delivery for some larger items may cost more due to additional weight.
  • We offer an optional Loss & Breakage Cover to all Auctions customers during the delivery section of the checkout process. This is provided by The Whisky Shop Auctions and covers loss of items or breakage in transit. Orders sent by Standard Shipping without Loss & Breakage Cover are covered only by our courier’s standard liability insurance, which includes loss of parcel but not breakage of glass. In the event of a breakage, we will enter a claim for compensation with the courier on your behalf but this is not guaranteed. The claims process takes 7 days with the courier, after which we will be in contact with you.
  • We require someone of legal age under local licensing laws to be present at the delivery address to sign for acceptance of the goods. Goods are dispatched by a third party courier and their terms and conditions apply.
  • Military bases are very difficult to deliver to and must as a minimum have a physical address attached to them.