Why Choose Us?

The Whisky Shop Auctions is an online auction service that provides a comprehensive service to buyers and sellers of whiskies. Here are the key features:

A pick up and drop off service at any of our stores throughout the UK

For many customers this service removes the uncertainty of packing and posting valuable items. Our network of 21 stores across Scotland, England and Wales allows easy access and peace of mind.

Tracking of items

If you drop off a sale item at any of our stores, not only will we pack it with the best materials, but you will be able to track it online through the arrival and check in process. You will also be able to track deliveries of any items you purchase that we dispatch for you.

Expert guidance and assistance at a number of key stores

Our people are the best in the industry and, like our stores, they are spread throughout the UK and in France. Collectively, they possess more than 90 years’ experience of the specialist whisky market and are fluent in four languages.

Search filters

Our website allows users to apply filters to their search requirements so as to make it easier to keep track of preferred makes.

360° spin photography

When products are displayed on our website and viewed, the image can be spun through 360 degrees allowing ultimate inspection.

A rolling auction programme

Our auction process is continuous. It’s not tied to fixed auction dates, instead it fits in with our customers’ timescales. Each of our lots is open for bidding for 10 days. Traders of whisky online can turn over transactions much more frequently and, equally, buyers can acquire items in a shorter timescale. If an item is unsold after 10 days the seller can re-list.

Anti-sniper software

To mitigate sniper bidding our web site deploys anti-sniper software that extends the bidding deadline.

Our Virtual Wallet

Our online account service allows sellers and buyers to keep a virtual wallet in which they can hold the proceeds of any sales and use them for forward purchases. This saves the costs and effort of moving funds in and out and keeps track of transactions.

A total cash out option for sellers

With our substantial retail chain, we are able to offer sellers an instant cash out option, thus saving the costs, delay and uncertainty of going to auction.

Valuations and private client services

We provide private advice and sales and purchase services to a number of clients throughout the world who wish to deal privately.