Fees for Sellers

Fees, based on the hammer price of each item will be charged and deducted at the conclusion of the sale process, as follows:

Registration A one-off fee of £5 (+VAT) allows you to buy and sell
Listing fee per item/lot £6 (+VAT)
Sales commission 0%
Fixing a reserve £10 (+VAT)

From the 1st March 2024, our fees will be changing.
Fees for bottles arriving at the Auction House on or after 1st March will be:

  • Listing fee – £7 (+VAT)
  • Reserve fee – £12 (+VAT)
  • For any multiple-bottle lots, the listing fee will be charged per bottle.
  • Any multiple-bottle lots containing only bottles less than 20cl will be charged one listing fee. (Additional terms are applicable to these lots.)