The story of Johnnie Walker whisky is a remarkable one and one that spans almost 200 years!

Now recognised worldwide, as one of the largest and most famous whisky brands in the world, the story of Johnnie Walker is the ultimate tale of passion and determination. From a small farm near Kilmarnock, Scotland, Johnnie Walker and his son Alexander transformed their small humble whisky business into the global success you see today.

We could go into detail about how Johnnie used inheritance money to buy a small grocery shop, from where he made blended whisky to sell to his customers. We could tell you about his son Alexander and how after the death of his father, Johnnie, he promised to transform their whisky business into a global phenomenon. Or that the reason Johnnie Walker whisky comes in square bottles was so that they could ship more across the globe.

But that would be a bit boring, right?


Well lucky for you the creative folk at Johnnie Walker created this fantastic video starring Scottish actor Robert Carlyle to tell the story for us!

So pour yourself a dram of Johnnie’s whisky, sit back and prepare to take a walk with Johnnie Walker.



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