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  1. What To Drink On St Patrick's Day

    What To Drink On St Patrick's Day

    Drink as the Irish do this St. Patrick's Day with this list of tipples traditionally drunk on the 17th March!
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  2. Gift Guide: Mother's Day Drams

    Gift Guide: Mother's Day Drams

    Looking for something really special for the wonderful ladies in your life this Mother’s Day? Check out our top picks that are sure to put a smile upon any face.
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  3. Whiskeria Cover Stars: Where Are They Now?

    Whiskeria Cover Stars: Where Are They Now?

    You can catch Julie Lin on Saturday Kitchen on BBC1 tomorrow morning, as our Spring 2023 cover star's career goes from strength to strength. It got us thinking, do we have a talent for spotting greatness? Here are eight previous cover stars, and all the marvellous things that they have done in the years since they graced the cover of Whiskeria.
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  4. Women In Whisky

    Women In Whisky

    To celebrate International Women's Day, we'd like to highlight six women in the whisky industry: breaking the gender stereotype that whisky is largely a man's drink. From master blenders to brand ambassadors, these women are driving forces in the world of whisky.
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  5. Which Whisky Do These Movie Character's Drink?

    Which Whisky Do These Movie Character's Drink?

    With the 95th Academy Awards on the horizon, we asked the marvellous people who run our 21 shops to determine which mystery malt the following famous whisky-drinking characters are sipping upon. What do you think?
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  6. Our Favourite St. Patrick's Day Drams

    Our Favourite St. Patrick's Day Drams

    With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, now is the time to try out some new Irish drams.
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  7. James Bond's Favourite Drinks

    James Bond's Favourite Drinks

    As we prepare for The Macallan's James Bond 60th anniversary ballot, we look at some of 007's favourite serves.
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  8. Top Movie Inspired Whiskies

    Top Movie Inspired Whiskies

    Movie characters are often seen nursing a glass of whisky, be it John Wick or James Bond, so it makes sense that whiskies have been released which are inspired by the silver screen. Here are seven expressions which celebrate the movies:
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  9. Rockstar Whiskies

    Rockstar Whiskies

    At the recent 2023 super bowl, in the much-anticipated commercial break, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters was revealed as the new spokesperson for Crown Royal. The Canadian blended whiskey is praised as a favourite of Grohl, with compliments to the Canadian people, and he tells that it was heavy metal band, Pantera, who introduced him to the wonders of Crown Royal in the early 90s. It got us thinking of other instances where the world of rock & roll and whisky collided; as they do pair rather well. Here are six whiskies endorsed by rockstars.
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  10. Valentine's Day Gifts: Unique Choices

    Valentine's Day Gifts: Unique Choices

    Is your partners drinks cabinet overflowing, or are you at a loss for which dram to buy? Despite it being a time for love and happiness, the lead up to Valentine's day can be really stressful! Finding a present for the one you love can be a daunting task. These gifts will satisfy their love for whisky, all while taking out the guess work on their complex tastes.
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