Mixing It Up

Fancy a cocktail? Browse our range of super simple recipes to make tasty tipples that will impress friends and family alike. Whether you enjoy a sweet Passionfruit Martini or a traditional Old Fashioned, we'll have a recipe here for you!

  1. Lin Limau Cocktail

    Lin Limau Cocktail

    Inspired by an idea by our Whiskeria cover star, Julie Lin, this cocktail evokes a taste of Malaysia. Boozy and refreshing, it showcases the calamansi lime (found in specialist world food shops) which is a hybrid of a lime and a mandarin, known for its honey flavours.
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  2. Whisky Pancake Recipe

    Whisky Pancake Recipe

    Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day, whatever you want to call it, we think that any holiday is an excuse for a dram. Give your annual pancake feast an adult twist by infusing them with whisky, giving a new meaning to the term 'Scotch pancakes.'
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  3. New Years Cocktail Guide

    New Years Cocktail Guide

    Ring in 2023 in style, with one of these sumptuous cocktails as your accessory.
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  4. Christmas Cocktail Guide

    Christmas Cocktail Guide

    A curated selection of our favourite winter warmers; perfect for showing off at your festive parties this Christmas and New Year's Eve. No shaker required!
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  5. Mixing It Up: Rusty Nail Recipe

    Mixing It Up: Rusty Nail Recipe

    One of the most straightforward cocktails out there. Follow our four-step recipe to make the perfect Rusty Nail.
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  6. Shaken and Stirred

    Shaken and Stirred

    From "meh" to mouth-watering: Rhona McKeran unlocks the science behind making the best version of your favourite drinks at home.
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  7. Mixing It Up: Hot Toddy Recipe

    Mixing It Up: Hot Toddy Recipe

    The perfect tipsy treat to warm you up on cold nights! Hot toddies are a simple combination of hot water, whisky, honey, and lemon, as well as some spices to garnish.
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  8. Mixing It Up: The Manhattan Recipe

    Mixing It Up: The Manhattan Recipe

    A super simple recipe for a fabulously classy cocktail - The Manhattan!
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  9. Mixing It Up: Old Fashioned Recipe

    Mixing It Up: Old Fashioned Recipe

    Dreaming of the perfect Old Fashioned? Follow our fabulous four-step recipe to make one yourself!
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  10. Mixing It Up: Margarita Recipe

    Mixing It Up: Margarita Recipe

    Margaritas are one of the most iconic cocktails in the world. Refreshing and tart, it is no wonder that margaritas are whipped up at so many summer parties.
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