1. Father's Day: Glenfiddich Competition

    Father's Day: Glenfiddich Competition

    Win a VIP Distillery Tour at Glenfiddich Distillery.
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  2. Introducing... Ardray

    Introducing... Ardray

    We are thrilled to present this exceptional new release, exclusive to The Whisky Shop for a limited time. We have partnered with Ardray to bring you this sublime blended whisky: made with several Scotch single malts, all balanced with Japanese expertise. Available Wednesday 7th June.
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  3. Welcome to... Multrees Walk

    Welcome to... Multrees Walk

    What better way to cure the January blues than a luxury whisky tasting led by Charles MacLean? We invited some industry experts - along with some of The Whisky Shop's customers - for a tasting experience unlike any other at our new store on Multrees Walk.
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  4. Top 10 Father's Day Gift Sets

    Top 10 Father's Day Gift Sets

    Wondering how to really wow your dad this Father's Day? You've come to the right place! We've put together a list of our ten favourite gift packs that will really show your dad how much you care about him, and his love of whisky.
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  5. Our Interactive Father's Day Gift Guide

    Our Interactive Father's Day Gift Guide

    We're so excited to introduce our interactive gift guide for Father's Day 2023!
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  6. Spotlight: House of Hazelwood Legacy Collection

    Spotlight: House of Hazelwood Legacy Collection

    For almost a century, generations of the Gordon family have laid down their own personal stocks of whisky for special occasions. This one-of-a-kind collection has become known as House of Hazelwood after the family’s Dufftown home – Hazelwood House.
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  7. Mystery Tasting at The Whisky Shop

    Mystery Tasting at The Whisky Shop

    We took to our Glasgow shop to gather some first impressions on a secretive new whisky coming out at the end of May. Blind-tastings are a great way to sample whisky, unburdened by any pretences about region, brand or flavour. Lets hear some honest thoughts from the people of Scotland's second city!
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  8. A Blanton's Journey

    A Blanton's Journey

    The wonderful staff at our York store recently completed one special customer's mission to complete his collection of all eight coveted stoppers that are presented atop bottles of Blanton's Original Single Barrel.
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  9. The W Club Membership: Top 5 Distillery Tour Offers

    The W Club Membership: Top 5 Distillery Tour Offers

    Being a W Club member brings the world of whisky closer, with an abundance of offers on our website. Though, did you know that you can save on tours at a whole host of distilleries? We have partnerships with 14 different distilleries throughout Scotland and England, and here are a handful of the best!
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  10. Flying High

    Flying High

    Desiree Reed dreamt of making her mark on the drinks industry. After twelve years of hard work and unwavering belief, Desiree now leads the 50-strong team at Cardrona Distillery, which is taking the whisky world by storm.
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