“Bottled at natural colour, without chill filtration and at 46%. This is a lovely peated single malt with notes of lemon curd, toasted coconut, rock pool brine and an underlying potent floral smoke note. Calling this ‘the other Skye whisky’ is just unfair when you’re talking about quality stuff like this.” - Matt, Oxford

"With the second release in its series, this more-than-worthy new resident of Skye sets forth with a burst of maritime smoke, expected from this island, and peat that envelops every sip yet never dominates. Allowing ample room for lemon, blossom honey, vanilla, brine and tobacco to sail through the nose and mouth, coated with an oily texture and waves of salty sea air. The Allt Gleann Legacy signifies a strong beginning to an exciting voyage for Torabhaig." - Tom, Bath

"This expression from Torabhaig really took me by surprise. Being such a young liquid, it carries a real depth of flavour and an impressive complexity. A real statement of intent from the new guys on Skye! The liquid has a light, yet floral quality on the nose, the palate opens with distinctive notes of cherry liquor, citrus and sea salt, followed up by black pepper and a satisfying sweet peaty finish. Very moreish." -Tony, Nottingham

"Although a young whisky, as a peat fan I think this really stands out in the crowd. Starting with sweet maritime hints on the nose this is followed by big briny seaweed notes on the taste. This all comes together for a lengthy finish of salt, brine and ash. A perfect winters’ evening dram…yet it tastes like a day at the beach." - Lee, Trentham

"Torabhaig is a stunning new distillery situated on the Isle of Skye. Ever since their first release they have been on my watchlist for exciting new distilleries, and the Allt Gleann is a perfect example of their distillery style. The nose has notes of wonderfully bright green apples roasting on an open fire. Saline and candied citrus emerges as you get deeper into the glass. The palate has flavours of soft salted fudge and roasted almonds with a sprinkling of chilli flakes along with a beautiful layer of ash and smoked apple juice. The finish is soft creamy and grassy: the smoke dissipates and leaves you with a lovely note of vibrant green sour apple chewing candy." - Vynie, London Paternoster

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