Penderyn Sherrywood

A full-toned, nutty nose with whispers of dark fruit and autumnal toffee-apple. The sweetness moves to the forefront of the palate, only made more decadent by the richness that only an ex-Oloroso sherry cask brings. As the palate dissipates there remains the ever-distinct note of toffee, balanced perfectly with a gentle drying aspect of sultanas which continue to evolve this long and complex finish. A fantastic winter bottle to be enjoyed year-round. 

Penderyn Portwood

An indulgent nose of dark chocolate infused with fresh cranberries, complemented by a rich dryness of toasted oak wood. The nose opens into a silky palate with spiced honey notes, which allow a woody finish to creep in while this sweetness fades gently. 

Penderyn Peated

A nose with aspects of soft smoke rising from a cherrywood campfire, with Penderyn’s signature undertones of orchard fruit and brilliantly sweet vanilla. The palate is surprisingly delicate for a peated whisky. Herbal notes, combined with a gentle tobacco flavour which is rounded by the depth of a dark brown sugar make for a resoundingly complex tasting experience. The finish carries the smoke through as it melds with the sweetness from the vanilla which arises on the nose.  

Penderyn Icons of Wales #11 – Patagonia

A floral nose of honeyed apples and delicate vanilla opens onto a toffee-sweet, gentle spice on the first sip. The palate is characterized by a soft touch of cinnamon, complemented by notes of tart orchard fruits and an underlying trace of light oak woodiness. The finish echoes the sweet spice of the palate, with a lingering impression of dried fruits prevailing. 

Penderyn Ex-Oloroso Sherry Cask

A bottle with some kick! The nose is as distinct as it is enigmatic. The unmistakable spirit of sherry remains a constant throughout nosing, but initial notes of oak, and dried fruit emerge. The nose evolves, becoming denser and sweeter with more chocolate-y notes taking over. The palate has the dry spice of Oloroso sherry, accompanied by tones of oak wood and a dark chocolate infused with cinnamon and cloves. The finish is long, melding together the unique sherry tones with the woodiness of the oak flavours, both present on the palate. 

Penderyn Madeira

A signature bottle which arguably began Penderyn’s legacy. A classical nose which has become synonymous with the distillery. Notes of a light toffee, with dark-fruit and rich raisin all emerge. The palate accurately echoes the nose, with a refreshing sweetness of vanilla and stewed fruit, calmed by the richness of sultana which brings a pleasant dryness. The finish is distinct, with a new note of tropical fruits emerging while the sweetness of vanilla persists.  

Dà Mhìle Organic Single Malt Double Sherry Cask Whisky  

A delightfully sweet nose of tropical fruit, undercut with a delicate combination of vanilla and cinnamon and rounded by an oaky tone. The palate is just as sweet, the aromatic spice of the nose taking the forefront. The spice is complemented by a zest of orange peel, dark chocolate, and a thick custard sweetness. The finish is more classically sherry – with the arising tones of dry fruit and nuts. 

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