NEAT Glass

The NEAT glass is the foremost judging glass used in competitions all around the globe. Crafted specifically to emphasise the aroma of the liquid, your recipient will be able to appreciate the full depth of flavour in their dram. This gift will go down amazing with friends that are always trying to pick out notable scents in their whisky before moving onto the palate. Let them fantasise about being a world renowned whisky connoisseur.

Glencairn Water Jug

A lovingly crafted water jug, this is the perfect pairing with a stronger whisky. Using a few drops of water in cask strength whisky can open up a multitude of new aromas and flavours with each drop. This little jug from the premier whisky glass makers, Glencairn crystal, will add a bit of sophistication to your giftee's whisky dilution process: a very delicate art!

Pot Still Decanter with Tap & 2 Glasses

Allow them to show off their best whisky in this stunning display decanter. From Stylish Whisky as part of their Alba collection, it showcases an icon of the Scottish whisky industry: the pot still. The golden tap is operational and it includes two elegant gold-rimmed glasses. Not only that, it comes prefilled with 35cl of Highland single malt whisky. Two gifts in one!

Whisky Stones

Does your recipient hate to dilute their drams? Whisky can taste exactly the same on first sip and on the last, all while remaining ice cold, with this brilliant whisky stones. This set of nine reusable stones go in the freezer and become as cold as ice, allowing for an untainted whisky drinking experience.

Hip Flask Topaz Cross 2oz

Edwin Blyde & Co Ltd are a leading provider of pewter design from Sheffield. Pewter is a sturdy alloy introduced to Britain by the Romans, and is used here in the form of a traditional hand-made Celtic flask. The gorgeous hip flask features a topaz stone in the centre and comes with its own cleaning pouch and gift box. This would make a gorgeous gift for any history geek.

Speyside Whisky Scented Candle

Infuse their home with the uniquely warming scents of a cosy whisky bar with this Speyside Whisky Scented Candle from Angels' Share Glass. Perhaps this is what the angels use their allotment of whisky for. As well as being made with the aromas of the finest Speyside single malt, scents of apple, pear and cinnamon will also stand out. If Speyside whisky isn't their thing, they also offer a Campbeltown, an Islay and a Highland version.

Quaich Celtic Weave Handle 4oz

For the traditional whisky purist, allow them to get a feel for the way their ancestors took their drams. A quaich is a shallow drinking cup with two handles that has been used in ceremonies for centuries. This one is hand-made from pewter and has a traditional celtic design. Its sure to be a gift they never would have expected!

Glencairn 6 Glass Pack Multicoloured

With these luxurious jewel-toned whisky glasses from Glencairn Crystal, your recipient can conduct their own exciting blind whisky tastings at their next dinner party. With the colour of whisky signifying flavours and qualities, from deep mahogany to burnt amber, these brilliant glasses make sure that their guests will not be swayed by appearance. The set also includes a signature clear Glencairn glass for them to use at home everyday. All beautifully presented in an opulent gift box lined with silky black satin.

Bonzer Heritage Cocktail Kit Stainless Steel

From the Heritage range at Bonzer cocktail equipment, they will surely be impressed with this deluxe selection of kit. It includes everything they could possibly need to transform a home bar into a premier cocktail haunt: 25/50ml Jigger, three Spill Stop Pourers, a Bonzer Half Half Muddler, a Boston Can, a Boston Glass, a Bonzer Mixing Spoon, a Bonzer Heritage Hawthorne Strainer, a Bonzer Heritage Julep Stainer, a Bonzer Heritage Fine Strainer, and all of these arrive in a beautiful Canvas Storage Bag. They can perfect their favourite whisky cocktail, whether it be an Old Fashioned, a Rob Roy or a Whisky Sour.

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