Unless the whisky comes in a presentation box, the wrapping process can be a little awkward. Due to the curves and height of most whisky bottles, it can be a a feat to wrap it in a way that looks neat and presentable. To help you on your way, follow our handy guide on how to gift wrap a bottle of whisky!

How to Gift Wrap a Bottle of Whisky

  1. Unroll your wrapping paper on a flat surface.
  2. Lay the bottle of whisky down vertically on the wrapping paper. Keep it about four inches away from the edge of the paper. That gives you plenty of room to completely wrap the bottle. It's better to have excess paper that can be trimmed down than realising you don't have enough paper halfway through wrapping.
  3. Wrap the paper over the bottle and then cut the paper where the folded paper connects.
  4. Tightly roll the bottle in the wrapping paper.
  5. Make sure the paper looks smooth and then tape down the edges that meet with Sellotape.
  6. Fold over the paper at the bottom on the bottle and tape it down.
  7. Trim down any access paper at the top of the bottle. Then, fold down the paper and tape it down.
  8. For a special touch, try adding a ribbon or a bow around the neck of the bottle to elevate the presentation.

Alternative Solutions

If you aren't entirely confident in your wrapping skills, don't worry! There are other ways to elegantly present your gift without trying to wrap the bottle.

Our first solution would be to put the bottle in a stylish gift bag. Pick one that is fitting for the event that the present is for. Go a step further by adding some decorative tissue paper into the bag. This will also conceal the bottle and maintains the element of surprise as the recipient will still technically get to unwrap their present.

Another alternative is to buy a gift box and put the whisky inside this. Simply pop a bow on the box and its good to go! If you'd like to take it a step further, you could fill the box with tissue paper or confetti and gift wrap the box. This way, the recipient will have no idea that they'll be receiving a bottle of their favourite tipple!

Don't stress too much about the presentation. If the present is thoughtful and something that you know the recipient will love, then that's all then that's all that really matters. Give the presentation your best shot but it definitely doesn't have to be perfect - after all, it's always the thought that counts!

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