This is why you sometimes see people adding water to their whisky. Water opens up the whisky allowing more subtle, hidden flavours and tones to breathe and come forward. But what if you enjoy your whisky chilled, but don’t want to dilute it in anyway? Well there is a handy solution and they are called whisky stones.

Whisky Stones are small stones that can be frozen and added to your whisky in order to cool it without diluting your prized dram! They have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years and are now used around the world.

How they work?

Whisky stones are made from soapstone which is a perfect material for absorbing cold temperatures. Having been frozen the stones then gently cools your drink of choice. To use your whisky stones simply place the bag of stones into your freezer. After a couple of hours remove and place in a glass of your favourite whisky and enjoy. After use, simply; wash, dry, pop them back in their bag and place back into your freezer for next time.

How much do whisky stones cost?

Whisky stones cost around £16 ($26) for a bag of 9.