Infusing the classic Jack Daniel's No.7 with a cinnamon kick, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire is a fiery and spicy expression blended with the classic Jack Daniel's character you've come to know and love. Lets see what to mix it with.

Ginger Beer

Fight fire with fire by mixing ginger beer with your JD - one for the spicy whiskey lovers. Make it a mule by adding lime juice, this will balance the two spices and lift the whole drink. Serve in a copper mug with a sprig of mint and you have yourself an extra spicy bourbon Moscow Mule.

Apple Juice

Cinnamon and apple go together like strawberries and cream - think warm apple pie on an Autumn evening. The apple juice is tart and sweet, perfectly complementing the real cinnamon in Tennessee Fire. Add lots of ice and a slice of red apple for the perfect serve.

Orange Juice

You can't go far wrong with this bar cart staple. Pairing orange juice with Tennessee Fire creates a gorgeously sweet and spicy drink, reminiscent of an Old Fashioned. Cinnamon and citrus are another traditional combo, utilised in the likes of mulled wine and hot toddys.

Coca Cola

The timeless American classic - JD & coke. Give new spicy lease of life to this fan-favourite way to drink Jack Daniel's, by using the cinnamon variety. The combination gives a kick to the coca cola, and the soda softens the whiskey slightly for a smoother drinking experience. Add a dash of bitters and garnish with a maraschino cherry to easily level it up to cocktail bar quality. Perfect!


Now here us out. The blend of Irish cream liqueur and this fiery American Whiskey balances the cinnamon spice to reflect warm cinnamon French toast or apple strudel with cream. A match made in heaven (or hell), you'll just have to try it to find out! Serve short.

Cream Soda

For another patisserie-like taste, elevate the spiciness of the cinnamon with the creamy vanilla taste of cream soda. A classic combination, the sweetness pairs perfectly with the sharpness of Tennessee Fire and the carbonation keeps it all refreshing. Lovely and nostalgic!

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