Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey is a blend of the much-loved Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and a unique honey liqueur - resulting in an ultra-sweet taste that's one-of-a-kind and unmistakably Jack. It is endlessly mixable, and incredibly versatile for use in a variety of cocktails. To help you find your perfect serve, we've put together our favourite ways to savour this delicious dram.


With lemonade, the tartness of the citrus complements the ever-sweet honey perfectly. Served with plenty of ice and garnished with a lemon wedge, this makes for a perfect summer garden party pitcher. Refreshing and tasty!

Ginger Beer

A bourbon version of a Moscow Mule, combine your Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey with spicy ginger beer. It balances the sugary elements of the honey, with a ginger root kick. Garnish with a squeeze and wedge of lime for a complex yet quick cocktail.


The timeless American classic - JD & coke. Give a new lease of life to this fan-favourite way to drink Jack Daniel's, by using the honey variety. It creates a smooth taste with hints of spice and blends the sweetness of the honey with sweetness of the soda. Perfect!

Iced Tea

Another summery tipple, honey pairs with tea like strawberries and cream. Serve a mix of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey and iced tea at your next BBQ and impress all of your guests!

Lavender Tonic

Lavender and honey are a springtime match in heaven. Mix your Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey with some lavender tonic water, and garnish with a wedge of lemon for an English garden twist on your favourite American whiskey.


Don't overlook the appeal of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey straight up, and chilled with ice. Best for those with a sweet tooth, you can taste the immaculate blend of the Tennessee whisky and naturally sweet honey at its purest here.

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