1. Bottle Reveal: Ardnahoe Inaugural Release

    Bottle Reveal: Ardnahoe Inaugural Release

    Presenting Ardnahoe Inaugural Release, the limited-edition first single malt from the ninth and newest distillery on Islay, founded by the team behind the Glasgow-based independent bottlers, Hunter Laing & Co.
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  2. Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

    Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

    Mark the occasion with our incredible selection of top shelf tequila and mezcal.
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  3. Maritime Malts

    Maritime Malts

    Oily, Coastal, Briny. Sea spray, Seaweed, Sea salt. These are the tasting notes which define maritime malts: whiskies distilled and matured by the water. If you like your dram with a taste of the wild Scottish seas, look no further than these six distilleries.
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  4. Top Coffee Cocktails for 2024

    Top Coffee Cocktails for 2024

    Coffee cocktails are having a moment, led by the almighty Espresso Martini. However there's a whole world of coffee drinks to explore.
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  5. Best Blended Scotch Whiskies

    Best Blended Scotch Whiskies

    Blended Scotch Whisky is composed of a mix of malt whisky and grain whisky and accounts for around 90% of all Scotch sold around the world. While blends are sometimes seen as inferior to single malts, blending is an art form all of its own, and the world’s top ten best-selling Scotch brands are all blends. Lets see some of the best blended Scotch whisky brands around.
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  6. Register Your Interest: Ardnahoe Inaugural Release

    Register Your Interest: Ardnahoe Inaugural Release

    The newest whisky distillery on Islay since 2005, Ardnahoe will release their first single malt expression on 10th May 2024.
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  7. Top 10 Gins for Spring

    Top 10 Gins for Spring

    There's just something about sitting in the garden, in those first few days of sun that indicate that everyone's favourite season is well on the way, and sipping on a classic Gin and Tonic. We've selected ten of our very best premium gins, that are loaded with fresh, floral vibes, to make that special time even more luxurious.
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  8. 3 Ingredient Whisky Cocktails

    3 Ingredient Whisky Cocktails

    You needn't have a fully stocked bar to make some of the most famous and delicious whisky cocktails around. Stay minimalist with these simple three-ingredient cocktails, using either Scotch, Irish whiskey, Japanese whisky or bourbon. Switch them up for a twist.
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  9. Our Top Whisky Travel Destinations

    Our Top Whisky Travel Destinations

    There are so many distilleries, whisky bars, pilgrimage sites across the world which whisky lovers flock to. We asked The Whisky Shop team their dream whisky destinations, whether they be recommendations they've already tried and tested, or places at the top of their bucket list.
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  10. Ballot: Loch Lomond 50 Year Old

    Ballot: Loch Lomond 50 Year Old

    One of just 100 bottles, this rare whisky has slumbered in the shadow of Ben Lomond for half a century.
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