1. Festival Whisky Bottlings 2024

    Festival Whisky Bottlings 2024

    This May plays host to two whisky festivals: Campbeltown Malts Festival and Fèis Ìle, for which the participating distilleries have released commemorative bottlings. Most are only available at the distillery on the day, however we've got our hands on a handful of them.
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  2. Ardnahoe Manchester Sampling

    Ardnahoe Manchester Sampling

    To get some immediate feedback on the newest whisky from Islay, Ardnahoe, we allowed random customers who walked into our Manchester store the chance to try an advanced sample. Store manager, Phil, captured their first impressions and we have condensed their reactions into a short video.
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  3. Island Hopping: Best Island Distilleries

    Island Hopping: Best Island Distilleries

    Scotland's small islands – from Arran, Jura and Mull in the West, to Orkney in the North – produce whiskies of various styles. Though, when referring to the Island region, this does exclude the 'whisky capital' Islay, which is a region of its own. Island whiskies differ to one another, as their qualities are born from the individuality of the island itself. They, like the beautiful countryside they spring from, will provide something to suit everyone's taste.
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  4. Ardnahoe Pre-Order

    Ardnahoe Pre-Order

    Want to know how to get your hands on the limited-edition first whisky from Ardnahoe distillery?
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  5. Presenting: Glen Scotia 9 Year Old Campbeltown Malts Festival 2024

    Presenting: Glen Scotia 9 Year Old Campbeltown Malts Festival 2024

    Bottled to celebrate the 2024 Campbeltown Malt Festival, this limited-edition Glen Scotia bottling is a charmingly unconventional dram fit for a celebration together.
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  6. Ardnahoe W Club Tasting

    Ardnahoe W Club Tasting

    This week, our York store's W Club members were the first folk in the world to taste the inaugural whisky from Ardnahoe distillery - the newest and ninth distillery on Islay. The liquid was very well received, with fans of smoky whisky loving this modern take on an Islay single malt.
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  7. Ardnahoe Launch Events

    Ardnahoe Launch Events

    As Ardnahoe's exclusive launch partner for the first week, we are holding several events to celebrate the launch of the Inaugural Release.
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  8. Bottle Reveal: Ardnahoe Inaugural Release

    Bottle Reveal: Ardnahoe Inaugural Release

    Presenting Ardnahoe Inaugural Release, the limited-edition first single malt from the ninth and newest distillery on Islay, founded by the team behind the Glasgow-based independent bottlers, Hunter Laing & Co.
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  9. Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

    Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

    Mark the occasion with our incredible selection of top shelf tequila and mezcal.
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  10. Maritime Malts

    Maritime Malts

    Oily, Coastal, Briny. Sea spray, Seaweed, Sea salt. These are the tasting notes which define maritime malts: whiskies distilled and matured by the water. If you like your dram with a taste of the wild Scottish seas, look no further than these six distilleries.
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