Edinburgh has always been a beloved destination for its rich history, beautiful landmarks, and awe-inspiring architecture - no wonder it is so adored by residents and tourists alike! Now it has a new hot spot that will impress whisky fans from across the globe - The Whisky Shop on Multrees Walk. To begin the new year with a bang, the team hosted their first tasting event in the new location, led by none other than Charles MacLean. If you plan to visit Edinburgh by train, you're in luck. The journey from Waverley station to Multrees walk is short - the stroll past St. Andrew's Square and Harvey Nichols will get you there in just five minutes. Alternatively, you can cut through the brand-new St. James' Quarter, and do a bit of shopping en route. Upon arrival, prepare to be met by impressive, bespoke window displays. At the time of our visit, the iconic stag of The Dalmore loomed large - less of a marketing display, and more of a work of art. The store certainly makes its presence felt at street level. The inside of the shop is just as impressive. From the illuminated central tasting table to the metallic ceiling, to the spectacular in-store displays, the new Multrees Walk shop is chic and elegant, following in the footsteps of The Whisky Shop's flagship Piccadilly and Paris locations. Speaking about the design of the new store, manager Lynsey Edmunds said, "The circular layout of the store is inspired by a cask, with the copper ceilings inspired by a cask, with the copper ceilings inspired by stills and the central unit resembling a mashtun. It's an intimate space, which is reflected in the selection of whiskies and the bespoke service we provide our customers." It was clear that the tasting events guests were very impressed by their luxurious surroundings. In attendance were Cameron Ewen and Ross Barr, Manager and Assistant Manager at The Balmoral's SCOTCH, Justine Hazlehurst of Fife Whisky Festival, John Boyle from Scottish Field Magazine, whisky blogger Luyu Qi, as well as a couple of The Whisky Shop's regular customers. United by their love of whisky, the attendees swapped stories about their favourite drams and fondest industry memories. The drams to be tasted were displayed on the table in the middle of the room: Lochlea Our Barley, Benriach The Sixteen, the new The Dalmore 2007 Vintage, The Macallan A Night on Earth in Scotland (of The Whisky Shop ballot fame), Lochlea Ploughing Edition, and Benriach The Twenty One - an enticing spread! Soon, Mr Charles MacLean took the floor, and the tasting began. A tasting led by Charlie is always a real treat. His whisky industry insight opened up exciting conversations - from discussing The Macallan's history to forensic tasting notes on Benriach's expressions, everyone came away from the event having learned something new. Patrick Dupuy, Lochlea's Business Develop Executive, provided an in-depth tasting of Ploughing Edition - the final instalment to the distillery's first annual limited edition series. This was a really exciting opportunity for the attendees, as the whisky had just been released the same week as the tasting event. Patrick and Charlie compared notes on Lochlea's choice of peated quarter casks to mature the whisky. This kind of detail and expertise made it a cut above your average expert tasting. Whilst these events might not take place every day in the new store, we can guarantee that any trip you take there will be of the highest calibre. Multrees Walk is home to many of Edinburgh's most premium brands. The Whisky Shop sits beside Mulberry, Louis Vuitton, and Strathberry - you can even finish the day off with a spot of afternoon tea around the corner at Harvey Nichols. So, if retail therapy is your thing, Multrees Walk is an ideal day out. As Justine Hazlehhurst described it, the new location is, in a word, "perfect." Ross Barr of SCOTCH was excited about the store's stock: "At the hotel, we're able to offer some of the best whiskies by the dram, so it's really interesting to come somewhere that offers the best whiskies by the dram, so it's really interesting to come somewhere that offers the best whiskies available in retail. We never see whiskies like Highland Park 50, Balvenie 40, or The Macallan 30 anywhere else so readily available in retail. It's really impressive." We can't disagree - some of the stock on the shelves really has to be seen to be believed. So, what is the strategy behind this ultra-premium stock? Manager Lynsey explained, "We have created a very special space for whisky lovers, and we will ensure that our range reflects this. We have curated what we believe to be the most exclusive selection of whiskies in Edinburgh and are uniquely positioned to be welcoming to all whisky fans, whether they be drinkers, collectors, gift buyers, or investors. "Since we are proudly located in the heart of the capital of Scotland, we really want to show off the very best of our national product. We want to focus in on what makes Scottish whisky so special and celebrate its quality and variety. We are able to offer our customers bottles from new start-up distilleries, right up to a whisky which has been aged for 80 years, which is a unique feature of whisky made in Scotland because of the traditions and history of the industry here. We have such a diverse range available to us here in Scotland and this store is an amazing opportunity to showcase that." Ross' colleague, Cameron Ewen, summed up his feelings: "The offering is second to none, and it's in a really stunning part of town." High praise indeed. Whether you are a whisky aficionado or are still trying to find your perfect dram, the new store on Multrees Walk is a must-visit experience. With engaging displays and expertly trained staff always ready to lend a helping hand, you'll find the answer to all your whisky-related questions here. If you are looking for a whisky shopping experience in Scotland that is a cut about anything you've ever experienced before, look no further than The Whisky Shop on Multrees Walk. Unique, different, and interesting - it's The Whisky Shop at its best. The original feature is from the Spring 2023 edition of Whiskeria, delivered to the door of W Club subscribers and also free with any Whisky Shop purchase in-store or online.