What is gluten?

Gluten is a type of naturally occurring protein that is found in the vast majority of wheat products. In most cases, it is impossible to remove gluten from the grain. As it is found in so many different types of food and drink, people with a gluten intolerance have to keep their wits about them at all times to ensure that they are not consuming any products that could cause an adverse reaction. Symptoms after eating gluten when you have an intolerance can include constipation, bloating, indigestion, and painful stomach aches.

Is Scotch gluten free?

You'll be happy to know that Scotch is, in fact, gluten free! Regardless of whether whisky is made with barley, wheat, or rye, you will not find any gluten in the finished product. Again, it does not matter whether the whisky is a single malt, a blended malt, or any kind of grain whisky. This may be surprising given the impossibility of removing gluten from food products. Scotch is gluten free because of the distillation process that occurs in all whisky production. Distillation separates the alcohol from the fermented grain mixture. Gluten doesn't evaporate so it remains in the fermented grain that is no longer used in the production. The alcohol that remains will not have any traces of gluten in it. Be sure to check for any artificial colouring or flavouring that has been added to an expression. This is relatively uncommon; however, it is wise to keep an eye out for this as these additives may include gluten. Additionally, if you would like to enjoy your whisky in a cocktail or with a mixer, be sure to check that all the other ingredients are gluten free too!

Gluten Free Whiskies

While the vast majority of whiskies are totally gluten free, some of our favourite brands that we know are safe for those with a gluten intolerance are Johnnie Walker, The Macallan, and Dewar’s. If you’d like to browse further, you can shop our entire range of Scotch whisky here at The Whisky Shop today. Whisky being poured at an event Thanks to the wonderful process of distillation, whisky is safe for those with gluten intolerances to drink and enjoy to their heart's content. However, be sure to drink in moderation as always!