Raiders of the Lost Ark: Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford famously loves his Scotch, recently telling Jimmy Fallon that he is partial to a glass of Bruichladdich, and his characters are often seen sipping on a glass of whisky. What do we think the globe-trotting Indiana Jones drinks on his travels?

Glen Scotia - He’s surely drinking really old, dusty bottles of Glen Scotia – from a remote end of Scotland, uniquely flavoured. We can probably assume that Indi has taken these from a sarcophagus or something! - Jay, Nottingham

Cutty Sark - Targeted at US drinkers in the 1930s, but I also think the brand name and logo would have appealed to a historian and adventurer - ‘Cutty Sark’ being the name given to a witch observed in the poem Tam O’Shanter. Also, his dad is Scottish (Sean Connery), so he's likely to choose Scotch over Irish whiskey! - David, Birmingham

Monkey Shoulder - Smooth, sexy and popular with all, like its drinker. Made with classic trilogy of distilleries. And there are monkeys! - Tom & Team, Bath

Inglorious Basterds: Lt. Archie Hilcox

One of the most famous whisky moments on screen, the tense stand-off between undercover Nazi Lt. Archie Hilcox and real Nazi Major Hellstrom begins with a bottle of 33-year-old Scotch. After using the incorrect gesture for 'three glasses', he gives away his identity - his last words being “there’s a special rung in hell reserved for people who waste good Scotch”. Damn straight. But what Scotch do you think they were drinking in remote Germany in 1945?

Laphraoig - Perhaps it's a Laphroaig 33. Whisky would've been in the arsenal of the medical staff as was normal during this period, and of course we all know the infamous myth of Laphroaig's capability to have been sold during prohibition due to it's "medicinal" quality. - Lucy, Edinburgh Waverly Market

Bowmore - Due to the aggressive and harsh nature of the whisky and likely availability during the time period. - Chris & Team, York

Port Ellen - Intense, Scary, Dead. - Tom & Team, Bath

American Pie: Stifler's Mom

In the 1999 classic, Stifler's mom seduces Finch by offering him a glass of a mystery '18 Year Old' in the now infamous scene. Which 18 Year Old are they sharing?

Tamdhu 18 Year Old - has a gorgeous purple hue that matches her femininity, and very Americana Coca-Cola-esque bottle shape. -Tyler, Edinburgh Waverly Market

Macallan 18 Year Old - Mature, sultry, seductive and classic. - David, Birmingham

The Dalmore 18 Year Old - I reckon something complex yet delicate, like a Balblair 18 or a Fettercairn 18. Maybe a Dalmore 18 if she’s feeling generous! - Jay, Nottingham

Calamity Jane: Calamity Jane

In the joyful Doris Day musical, Calamity Jane does plenty of supposedly 'unladylike' things: one of which is swigging plenty of whiskey. Which bourbon was her favourite in the wild west?

Widow Jane 10 Year Old - Even though it’s a newer brand, the name is just too perfect. Plus, I think it would’ve packed enough of a punch for the real Calamity Jane. - Matt, Oxford

Stagg Jr - A high proof bourbon to keep her going on the frontier. - Chris & Team, York

The Glenlivet - George Smith, the whisky founder who founded the original Glenlivet and famous smuggler, used to carry two pistols in his trousers. I'm sure they would've gotten along very well. - Lucy, Edinburgh Waverly Market

The Godfather: The Corleone's

There is plenty of Scotch drinking throughout The Godfather trilogy, most notably in the opening scene where we are introduced to the powerful Vito Corleone. What do you think is the drink of choice of the Italian mafia?

Macallan 25 Year Old - because they can afford it. - Chris & Team, York

Macallan 25 Year Old - The Don is a classy guy. - Matt, Oxford

Macallan 60 Year Old - 1 of the 12, Valerio Adami Macallan 1926 Valerio Adami 60 Year Old, because he can. - Kenny, Inverness

Star Wars: Darth Vader

Just for fun: what do we think the biggest bad in all of film would order at the Cantina? Although, with his iconic mask he would have to drink it through a straw...

Starward - The Whisky Shop’s single barrel Starward, only because of the amount of times customers have mistaken it for a Star Wars tie-in! - Matt, Oxford

Octomore - He looks like their bottle design! I could also seem him really enjoying a Caol Ila 36 from the Old and Rare Range. Seems like a single cask guy to me. I would have a dram with him regardless. - Jay, Nottingham

Ardbeg - Vadar would have used an Ardbeg Haar (a whisky vapourising device) to inhale his Ardbeg. He likes vapourising devices (the Death Star’s general purpose was to vapourise planets) and is often seen surrounded by plumes of steam… which we now know was vapourised Ardbeg. Being on the Dark Side he probably used Ardbeg Blaaack. - David, Birmingham