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    Ballantine’s blended whisky can trace its heritage back to 1827, when George Ballantine, a local farmer’s son, opened a small modest grocery store in Edinburgh. Amongst his products, George stocked a modest range of whiskies and spirits. In 1865 George expanded, opening a second, larger store in Glasgow – a location George deemed to be more profitable. His son Archibald was appointed to continue the day-to-day running of the Edinburgh store. It was during this time that George started to experiment with whisky, creating his own unique blends.


    Sales of Ballantine’s blends began to flourish and before long he employed his other son, George Jr , to help out in what soon became known as George Ballantine and Son Ltd.


    The newly formed company began exporting their blended whisky around the world and it didn’t take long for their reputation and business to grow from strength to strength.


    In 1891, aged 83, George Ballantine passed away.


    The business thrived under the direction of George Jr right up until 1919 when he made the decision to sell the business profitably to Barclay and McKinlay.


    Barclay and McKinlay focused on really pushing Ballantine’s as a viable brand, building on the success and good name that George and George Jr had worked so hard to create. As the brand grew and the need for new resources increased in order to continue to compete in an ever expanding market, highly experienced Canadian distillery, Hiram Walker Gooderham & Worts moved in to become a majority shareholder and with it pushed the Ballantine’s brand to the next level.


    A substantial grain distillery was built in Dumbarton, Scotland as well as the acquisition of Glenburgie and Miltonduff distilleries in order to provide Ballantine’s with a staple supply of whisky for its blended whiskies.


    In 1986, following many years of substantial growth, Ballantine’s had become the largest blended whisky label in Europe and the third largest in the world. Ballantine’s is now widely regarded as one of the finest blended malt whisky brands in the world.

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