Irish Whiskey

Home of the world’s oldest licensed distillery – Bushmills, estd. 1608 – Ireland is arguably the birthplace of whiskey distilling as it’s known today! In fact, for a time in the nineteenth century, Irish whiskey was globally considered to be superior to liquid hailing from neighbouring Scotland. This may be, in no small part, due to the softer style of whisky produced on the Emerald Isle.

While Scotch is generally distilled only twice, Irish whiskey is typically triple distilled, removing the ‘heavier’ components of the whisky and resulting in a lighter style of spirit. The use of peat is also less common in the production of Irish whiskey, although not altogether absent. Another important factor in the early success of Irish whiskey is the nation’s advocacy of the pot still, a large example of which was used by early Bushmills distillers to produce a consistently smooth style of whiskey.

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    Peaky Blinder Whiskey

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