Woodford Reserve

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Woodford Reserve's distillery in Versailles, Kentucky, is one of the smallest and most historic distilleries in the state. Situated in the wooded valley of Glenn’s Creek, near Lexington, some of the buildings date back to the 1830’s. Woodford Reserve focusses on its 'Five Sources of Flavour' – grain, water, fermentation, distillation and maturation.

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About Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve’s grain recipe balances the sweetness of corn, the spice of rye and the nuttiness of malted barley. The water used is naturally filtered by limestone deposits under the distillery. A long fermentation process then creates a depth of complex flavours. A careful distillation process then occurs in pot and column stills. The liquid is then left to mature in new, charred white oak barrels made in the on-site cooperage.

Woodford reserve is the ‘official bourbon’ for the annual Kentucky Derby tournament held in Louisville, Kentucky.
At the Derby a limited number of Woodford Reserve Mint Julep are sold in solid silver cups for $1,000, with proceeds going to charity.
The site of the Woodford Reserve Distillery is a National Historic Landmark.


The original distillery structures were founded in 1776 by Elijah Pepper. Pepper was then succeeded by his son Oscar in 1838, who rebuilt the distillery and hired Scottish chemist Dr James Crow, who is considered as ‘the Father of American Distilling.’ The distillery was mothballed in the 1960s and fell in disrepair but was then purchased and refurbished in 1993 by Brown-Forman. The first Woodford Reserve Bourbon was sold in 1996.

Taste Profile

Woodford Reserve is known for flavours of...

Dark Chocolate
Orange Marmalade