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Benriach distillery was established by John Duff in 1898 on the site of Riach farm in the north of Speyside. Closed for most of the 20th century, the distillery has only been releasing bottlings since 1994. Despite this short time, Benriach has experimented and remained true to its creative heritage and has grown dramatically in the last 20 years.

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  1. Benriach The Smoky Ten with box
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    Benriach The Smoky Ten

  2. Benriach The Original Ten with box
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    Benriach The Original Ten

  3. Benriach The Smoky Twelve with box
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    Benriach The Smoky Twelve

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    Benriach The Twelve

  5. BenRiach 12 Year Old #4830

    BenRiach 12 Year Old #4830

  6. Benriach Malting Season
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    Benriach Malting Season

  7. Benriach Smoke Season
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    Benriach Smoke Season

  8. Magnum Highland Cream Liqueur
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    Magnum Highland Cream Liqueur

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  9. BenRiach 2005 Whisky Shop Exclusive
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    BenRiach 2005 Whisky Shop Exclusive

  10. BenRiach 21 Year Old Temporis with box
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    BenRiach 21 Year Old Temporis

  11. BenRiach Heart of Speyside with box
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    BenRiach Heart of Speyside

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About Benriach

Benriach have a tradition of distilling three styles of whisky; classic unpeated, Highland peated and triple distilled, which alongside a wide range of casks from across the world create a rich, multi-layered Speyside and explores the full range of single malt.

Benriach opened its first official visitor centre in May 2021.
Throughout its closure period, Benriach’s floor maltings continued to operate and provided malt for sister distillery Longmorn.
A private railway was built between Benriach and Longmorn Distillery (also owned by John Duff) was built used to transport coal, barley, peat and barrels between the two.


Located between Rothes and Elgin in the heart of Speyside, the distillery was built by John Duff in 1898. However, it was mothballed two years later in 1900, and did not reopen for distillation until 1965 when it was bought and refurbished by Glenlivet. The first official bottling of Benriach was not until a 10-year-old was released in 1994.

Taste Profile

Benriach is known for flavours of...

Orchard Fruits