Compass Box

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Compass Box is a producer and bottler of a wide range of blended Scottish whiskies. Created in 2000 from an American entrepreneur, Compass Box proudly offer a wide array of whiskies, with an equally wide range of flavours.

About Compass Box

Compass Box fiercely believes in the merits of blending, and diversity within the blends. It bottles blended scotch, blended malt, and blended grain whiskies. No age statements are found on Compaxx Box whiskies, as the brand believe that age statements can often be a red herring for quality. All Compass Box whiskies are free from chill filtration, and artificial colouring.

Compass Box create their own custom casks, experimenting with toast levels and innovative cask design, aiming to develop flavour profiles never before tasted in the world of Scotch.
Compass Box typically use only a few components in each whisky, unlike mass blenders.
After blending, Compass Box return the blends to casks to marry for anywhere between six months and three years.


In 2000 John Glaser was working for Johnnie Walker, where he realised his own ambition to explore new tastes in blended whisky. John Glaser and the team have up with some wonderful brand names and the most ingenious and artistic labels ever seen by the Scotch whisky industry. For over ten years the company’s labels have been designed by Stranger & Stranger, which has been described as “the world’s leading packaging design and branding company”, whose motto is: “Don’t Fit In, Stand Out”. Originally working from his kitchen, the brand has now expanded and has its headquarters in London with a team of over 15 enthusiastic whisky-lovers.