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    Lagavulin Single Malt Whisky

    As the connoisseur’s choice on an island renown for whisky, many people consider Lagavulin to be the definitive Islay single malt. The distillery sits on the south-east shore of Islay and its origins date back as far as 1742, when there were illicit stills operating at the site - it was officially registered by John Johnston in 1816.

    The history of the distillery is closely tied to that of the neighbouring Laphroaig – which was founded by the son of John Johnston. After the son died in a distillery accident in 1847, Laphroaig was leased by Walter Graham who ran both distilleries until the end of the 19th century when a dispute over spirit sharing caused a legal battle. There were many subsequent court battles between the two distilleries, but relations are far more civil these days.

    There are almost no independent bottles of Lagavulin available as around 98% of the spirit produced at the distillery is retained for maturation as single malt. Lagavulin is also notable for having the slowest distillation process in Scotland; the first distillation takes around 5 hours and the second up to 9 hours. The single malt produced at Lagavulin is widely regarded as one of the best heavily peated whiskies in the world - it has a distinctive smoky and dry character with strong medicinal notes. The popular Lagavulin 16 year old expression has won numerous awards and the distillery continues to produce a range of unique and beloved whiskies.

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