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    Grand Macnish

    Grand MacNish started life in 1863, when hard-headed Scot, Robert McNish set out to create a lighter, more smooth whisky with a distinct appearance. The recipe that he created was comprised of over 40 single malt Scotch whiskies; each carefully blended to produce a light, aromatic and full flavoured blended whisky.


    In 1887 Robert was joined in business by his two sons, John and George who really helped Robert expand the business and reach new audiences.


    The name Grand MacNish  actually came about via local praise of their blended whisky. In Scottish colloquialism, when something is good or deserves praise and recognition, it is often described as “Grand” - and whilst the correct family name is in fact McNish, it was decided that this would be better changed to MacNish in order to avoid mispronunciation around the world.


    Grand MacNish has been in continuous production since its birth in 1863, making it one of the oldest blended scotch whiskies still in the market.

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