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    In 1887 local cow herder, William Grant – with a little help from his seven sons and two daughters -opened his first distillery; the Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown, Scotland.


    Together the family worked to produce Grants blended Scotch whisky with each member specialising in one area of the whisky blending process – a true family business!


    Grants son-in-law, Charles Gordon, became the company’s first saleman, he would go around knocking doors until he made his first sale. Eventually the job saw him sailing to the Far East, where he would stay for months at a time selling and promoting the family’s whisky.


    When prohibition struck America in 1920, most distilleries shut their doors, Grants instead increased production – when it was repealed in 1933, Grants were more than ready to continue business!


    In 1923, William Grant passed away, but by this time Grants whisky was a well-established brand.


    Today, five generation son, Grants whisky is still a family owned business – staying true to William Grants original and highly guarded recipe!

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