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Early Times Fire Eater

70cl 35% abv USA


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A magnificent blend of hot cinnamon liqueur and smooth whisky from the Early Times distillery.

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In the heady, halcyon days of 1860, at Early Times Station, Kentucky, they were making smooth sippin’ whisky so delicious that it was fabled throughout the world as “The whisky that made Kentucky whisky famous”.

Everything was going smoothly until one day, a catastrophe struck: all alcohol was to be banned throughout the US. Prohibition – the ‘noble experiment’ – was set to begin. It looked like the curtain was closing on Early Times. Louis Guthrie, an ambitious young opportunist who worked at the distillery had a sensational idea. Just before the Prohibition trucks started rolling, he snapped up the distillery. He knew that Early Times whisky was too good to go to the wall, so he sold his entire stock to one of only five breweries licensed to sell whisky for ‘medicinal purposes’. This bold and brilliant move saved Early Times and, along with his gambling, made him a very rich man indeed.

The spirit of Louis’ courage and ingenuity manifested itself again 90 years later. The idea this time? To blend that same Early Times whisky with hot cinnamon liqueur, creating a fiery new sensation to send a gale of wonder through every crowd.

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Early Times
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