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    Fettercairn Single Malt Whisky

    Fettercairn distillery is located in its namesake village in the northeast of Scotland – approximately halfway between Dundee and Aberdeen. Fettercairn translates to ‘foot of the mountain’ and the distillery is surrounded by beautiful forests and glens at the foot of the Cairngorms. It is fresh spring water from those surroundings which goes into creating the distinctive and smooth Fettercairn whisky.

    Founded in 1824 by Sir Alexander Ramsay, Fettercairn is one of the oldest distilleries still working in Scotland. The facility has changed hands numerous times, experiencing something of an identity crisis as a result; it was even mothballed in 1926. It was then purchased by National Distillers of America, in 1939, who soon re-started production at the site. The malts produced at Fettercairn are the product of a traditional environment, using a cast iron mash tun and copper stills - all of which are tended to in the same way they have been for centuries. As a result, their single malts tend to be quite dark and heavily peated with a smoky nose.

    Fettercairn is now part of the Whyte and Mackay family, and most of the spirit produced here is used in Whyte & Mackay blended whiskies. There are a range of single malt expressions also available, with 12, 24 and 30 year old bottlings officially released. In 2010 the 12 year old expression was replaced as part of the core range with Fettercairn Fior, which has no age statement.

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