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    Glendullan Single Malt Whisky

    Glendullan is located in Dufftown, Speyside – the town which has been referred to as the ‘Whisky Capital of the World’ as it produces more of the stuff than any other town in Scotland. There are 6 active distilleries in the town and Glendullan is one of the lesser known, despite having an annual production capacity of 3.7 million litres.

    The distillery was founded during the whisky boom of the late 19th century by William & Sons Ltd. A number of takeovers occurred in the years that followed and the sale to SMD in 1939 ultimately led to Glendullan becoming part of the Diageo portfolio. The distillery was completely refurbished in 1962, but just ten years later a brand new distillery was built next to the existing one. The two facilities operated side by side until 1985 when the old distillery was closed, although the building remains in use as a workshop.

    A significant volume of the spirt produced at the new Glendullan building is used in the Old Parr blend. There are a handful of official distillery bottlings available on the market, though the lack of a core range can make them difficult to obtain. Internationally, Glendullan single malt is marketed under the ‘Singleton’ brand name. The age of the expressions available under this branding varies across different regions and the ‘Singleton’ branding is shared with two other local distilleries; Dufftown and Glen Ord.

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