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    Macduff Single Malt Whisky

    Macduff is one of the youngest distilleries in Scotland, with the first spirit flowing from the stills in 1960. It is also the most easterly distillery in Scotland, sitting on the banks of the River Deveron near the North East coast of Scotland. The distillery is often known as Glen Deveron, and official bottles are generally released under this name while independent bottlings carry the MacDuff branding.

    In 1972, the distillery was taken over by William Lawson Distillers and the company subsequently established Macduff produced spirit as an important element of their popular William Lawson’s blend. The distillery changed hands multiple times in subsequent years, but was always used predominantly for the purposes of producing spirit for blends – first by Bacardi and then by current owners John Dewar & sons.

    While they are rare, some single malt expressions are released from MacDuff using the small percentage of the distillery’s 2.4 million litres capacity which is not used for blends. The majority of those single malt bottles are exported to Europe, where it has a much higher profile than in the UK.

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