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    Tomintoul Single Malt Whisky

    Tomintoul distillery, located in its namesake village in Speyside, is among the newest distilleries in Scotland – having only been built in 1964. It has traditionally focused on producing spirit for a variety of blended whiskies, but has recently become more widely available as a single malt.

    The distillery was originally founded by Hay & Macleod and W & S Strong , whisky traders from Glasgow. They operated the distillery for around 10 years before it was passed to Whyte & Mackay, a long series of mergers and name changes means the facility was then technically owned by a numerous companies – although they were all just various incarnations of Whyte & Mackay. This remained the case until they sold the Tomintoul distillery to Angus Dundee Ltd in 2000.

    Since assuming ownership of the facility, the new owners have released a number of exciting new expressions which have significantly raised the profile of Tomnitoul as a single malt whisky. A large majority of the spirit produced here is still used for blended whiskies, but you can now pick up a number of core expressions of single malt and various limited expressions released through independent bottlings.

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