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Bell’s is the best-selling blended Scotch in the UK. A world-famous brand, it is produced at the Blair Athol distillery in Perthshire. Bell’s whisky is made from a select blend of grain and fine malt whiskies, matured in oak casks. With a rich, nutty, and spiced blend, Bell’s is one of the world’s most well-respected Scotch whisky specialists. Browse our collection here for a dive into the UK’s favourite blended Scotch.

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About Bell's Whisky

Bell’s is blended from a collection of first-rate distilleries. It is a combination of a select blend of up to 40 different grain and fine malt whiskies. Blair Athol is the main component of the blend. Dufftown, Inchgower, Glenkinchie and Caol Ila also feature. All the whiskies that comprise the blend are matured in oak casks, for a richer flavour. It is bottled by Diageo, in Glasgow.

Bell’s logo represents the eponymous founder, Arthur Bell. However, this only became the case after his death. He always resisted naming the whisky after himself, preferring a life free from fame.
A great serve that Bell's recommends is a Bell’s & Ginger Ale.
A yellow floribunda rose was named after Arthur Bell in the early 1960s.


This history of Bell’s whisky begins in 1825. In 1825, Thomas Sandeman founded the business in Perthshire. In 1845, Arthur Bell was employed in the business as a “Traveller”, eventually moving his way up to become a partner. Arthur Bell is the man the company is named after and who can be seen on the label of every bottle. One of the core constituents, Blair Athol, is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland that is still operating, and was bought by Bell’s in 1903. Success was gradual but sustained throughout the twentieth century. When it was realised how well it performed in mixed drinks and cocktails in the 1970s, business boomed. Following this, the distilleries which comprise its blended whisky were acquired.

Taste Profile

Bell's Whisky is known for flavours of...

Spiced Ginger Cake