The Famous Grouse

Blended Scotch Whisky

The highest selling whisky brand in Scotland since 1980, The Famous Grouse has been in production since the late 19th century. Owned by the Edrington Group, this is a Perthshire-based brand that is a pillar in the Scotch industry.

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About The Famous Grouse

A mix of single malt and single grain whiskies, the primary malts come from Highland Park, The Macallan, and a few other premium distilleries. The blend that makes The Famous Grouse undergoes a six month long finishing period after each of the constituent whiskies have been aged for a minimum of three years.

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Matthew Gloag wanted his whisky to be enjoyed outdoors and with good friends. He was inspired by the Scottish countryside and he named his whisky after the occasion it was for – a celebratory toast after a day in the hills – and Scotland’s game bird, the grouse.
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Though The Famous Grouse is proudly Scottish, the brand has taken a page from Kentucky’s book, aging one of its Scotch varieties in American oak and bourbon casks. The result is a Scotch with the sweet, honeyed flavors of some of America’s favorite whiskey.
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The Grouse is Scotland's national game bird, and easily found in Perthshire.


Before beginning The Famous Grouse, the Gloag family owned a grocery store. The story began in 1800, when a grocer named John Brown set up shop in Perth, Scotland. His daughter Margaret had the idea to obtain a liquor license, and when she later married Matthew Gloag, they inherited the store and changed its name to Matthew Gloag & Sons. Soon, the business had shifted toward primarily selling wine. It wasn’t until 1896 that whisky began to be made. It became ‘The Famous’ in 1905 to reflect its rising popularity.

Taste Profile

The Famous Grouse is known for flavours of...

Dried Fruit
Citrus Peel