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    Famous Grouse

    The Famous Grouse whisky was first produced and founded by Matthew Gloag back in 1897. The grandchild of a wine and spirit merchant in Perth, Matthew was born into the trade and had one clear vision when it came to his dream: “to create the best quality blended whisky”.


    To this day the brand are firm believers in the philosophy that “life is not about seeking fame – it’s about doing the right thing”. The belief being that if you do something right and do it well, fame will find you – and for Matthew and his Famous Grouse blended Scotch whisky, it did just that!


    Adhering to Matthew’s strict principles and guidelines of quality and integrity, The Famous Grouse pride themselves in the fact that everything that goes into their famous blended whisky is the finest of quality – from their grain that has been sourced from trusted suppliers and farmers for generations, to their handcrafted casks, each lovingly overseen from the planting of the tree saplings, through to the milling and crafting of each barrel.


    It is this attention to quality and skill that has ensured that fame found The Famous Grouse. Widely regarded as Scotland’s favourite whisky, The Famous Grouse is a clear, bright, well rounded and smooth blended whisky that has more than earned its place within any whisky connoisseurs’ collection.

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