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    A whisky for those who aren't
    afraid to go their own way.

    Set your own course

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    Sir Ernest Shackleton

    Sir Ernest Shackleton. Polar explorer. Leader of two of his three expeditions to the Antarctic and a principal figure of the Heroic age of Antarctic Exploration.

    A man who set a new record by reaching 88° South just five years after setting the previous record of 82° South. A man whose team became the first to climb and conquer Mount Erebus, the most active Antarctic volcano. A man who was utterly determined. He knew what he wanted and had the qualities to make it happen, breaking new ground along the way.

    His vision and belief was an inspiration to those around him. When all seemed lost, Sir Ernest stepped forward, motivating his team to endure the unimaginable, to achieve the impossible. A man who forged an unbreakable bond with a team who called him ‘The Boss’.

    Never afraid of making a tough call, he was the man who famously turned back when just 97 miles from the South Pole in order to save his men. Then when faced with disaster lead each one of his crew home to safety after their ship was lost to the ice of Antarctica in one of the greatest stories of leadership and survival ever told.

    A charismatic leader who set his own course in order to set foot where no one had been before.


    Sir Ernest Shackleton took 25 cases of Mackinlay’s rare old highland malt on his record-setting Antarctic expedition.


    11 bottles of perfectly preserved whisky were discovered under the ice beneath the base camp.


    Based on an antique whisky and an inspirational story of exploration and leadership, Shackleton is a master class in the art of whisky blending, creating a new scotch for the modern age.

    'It is in our nature to explore,
    to reach out into the unknown'

    Sir Ernest Shackleton. Explore. Leader. Legend.

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    Tasting Notes


    Vanilla, toffee apple, brioche, Manuka honey and hints of Old English marmalade followed by cinnamon, banana bread and ginger cake.


    Treacle toffee, Demerera sugar and sweet sultanas, glazed pineapple, freshly baked crusted bread, and mango cake.


    Hot mulled wine, praline chocolate and Oolong tea with a final whisper of gentle bonfire smoke and crème brulee.

    Antartic Heritage Trust

    The Antarctic Heritage Trust (NZ) are custodians of Shackleton’s Antarctic base camp at Cape Rod, Antarctica.

    Shackleton will support this legacy of preservation and promotion with a charitable donation from each bottle sold.