The W Club Members' Choice Awards

We asked brands to send us their best whiskies and asked our members to give each one an honest rating, free from biases of branding, style of whisky, or price. After months of judging in blind tastings by W Club members, in our stores up and down the country, we finally have our results. Presenting the winners and gold medallists of the first ever W Club Awards!

Overall Gold Medallists

The Categories

Presenting the winners and gold medallists from each category:

  • Single Malt 12 Years and Under
  • Single Malt Over 12 Years
  • Blended Malt Whisky
  • Blended Whisky
  • Alternative Mash bill Whisky

A Reminder of the Judging Criteria

  1. Nose/Aroma (25 points)
  2. Mouthfeel & Tate (25 points)
  3. Finish (20 points)
  4. Overall impression (30 points)

The final results have come from collating the scores of each participating member, for each whisky submitted to the competition.

If you participated in our blind tastings, you can enter the bottle number for each whisky tasted below and we shall reveal which was which.

What did you taste?

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