Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Banff Distillery has been on a rollercoaster of good and bad fortune since its opening in 1824. Closed in 1863 in favour a more convenient local distilling site, it then erupted in flames in 1877. Thankfully, then-owners the Simpson family rebuilt the plant, only for economic downturn to forced closure once again in 1932. The distillery was eventually destroyed in a fire in 1991.

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About Banff

Banff whisky is a rare find, with the most notable bottling released in Diageo’s now discontinued Rare Malts collection. As the distillery closed over three decades ago, the price of any bottles left tend to be very high as there are so few left.

Banff was a particularly unlucky distillery. In its 167 year history, the distillery went on fire twice, was bombed, and had an explosion in the still house.
Following the bombing, casks of whisky exploded into the surrounding countryside. Reports of intoxicated cows and alcohol poisoned ducks appeared in the days after the attack.
During the Second World War, the distillery was used as a training camp for the RAF.


The Aberdeenshire distillery was founded in 1824 by Major James McKilligan. In 1877, the distillery caught fire fore the first time. In 1932, Banff was purchased by DCL. However, shortly after this in 1939, the distillery ceased production during the Second World War. During this time, Banff was victim to a bombing by the Luftwaffe. Fortunately, the distillery was able to bounce back from this and resumed production following the end of the war. Tragedy struck again for Banff in 1959 when an explosion occurred in the distillery’s still house. Banff ended up closing its doors for good in 1983. Demolishment began and, in typical Banff fashion, the last remaining warehouse caught fire in 1991. A truly tumultuous history!

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