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    Banff Single Malt Whisky

    The story of Banff distillery is one wrapped in tragedy and misfortune. The first known Banff distillery was licensed in 1824 by James McKilligan following the passing of the Excise Act in 1823 - which allowed Scottish single malt distilleries to operate legally. The distillery was rebuilt in 1863 by James Simpson Junior, however in 1877 a fire completely destroyed it; this would not be the first or last time the distillery knew such devastation.

    Having been rebuilt shortly after the fire, the distillery operated for many years. Then on the 16th of August 1941 disaster once again struck the seemingly cursed distillery. A German fighter plane gunned one of the distilleries warehouse causing huge amounts of whisky to spill throughout the surrounding countryside. The whisky spilled into local streams which lead to many livestock dying from alcohol poisoning.

    The run of bad luck didn’t end there though. In 1959 the distillery endured a blast caused by metal work at the distillery, the damage was so extensive that the distillery had to be yet again rebuilt. In 1983 the distillery was forced to close due to problems with its water supply and in 1991, whilst under the ownership of Diageo, was shut down permanently – shortly after another fire burnt its last remaining warehouse to the ground.

    Despite such misfortune, the whisky produced from Banff distillery is highly revered and because of its rarity it is also highly sough after!

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