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    Cardhu Single Malt Whisky

    Cardhu is a Speyside distillery located in Moray. It was officially founded in 1824 by John Cumming, under the name Cardow, but it is thought there was distillation taking place on the site for at least a decade prior to this official opening date. In 1872 the new Cardhu distillery was built on an adjoining piece of land and changed hands to be run by Elizabeth Cumming, the owner’s daughter-in-law, making Cardhu notable as one of the few distilleries pioneered by a woman.

    The Cardhu distillery was purchased by John Walker and Sons Ltd in 1893 and to this day, their malt whisky is one of the main ingredients in the Johnnie Walker blended whiskies – the world’s most popular blend. A full rebuild of the distillery was undertaken in 1960 where the site now sits, on a hillside to the north of Spey Valley.

    The Cardhu single malt is known for having a very clean taste, consistent with most Speyside malts, and has gained considerable popularity around the world. The distillery was at the centre of a major controversy in 2003 when parent company Diageo ceased production of the Cardhu single malt and replaced it with a blend of vatted malts from multiple distilleries which was labelled as ‘pure malt’. Carrying a very similar label as the original single malt, this caused confusion among customers and Diageo was pressured into withdrawing the blended ‘pure malt’ and reverting to production of the Cardhu single malt.

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