The GlenAllachie

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Founded in 1963, The GlenAllachie is an independently owned Speyside distillery. The distillery was built at the bottom of Ben Rinnes and close to the Lour Burn. The water from the burn is used in the production of the whisky. The distillery boasts six washbacks, two wash stills, and two spirit stills. Known for their bold, fruity expressions, The GlenAllachie's passion for whisky-making shines through in every release from the distillery.

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About The GlenAllachie

The GlenAllachie is relatively modern in terms of Scottish distilleries. Built in 1967 by Mackinlay McPherson, it was unfortunately mothballed shortly after in 1985. However, Campbell Distillers bought the brand in 1989 and it resumed production. The GlenAllachie has gone from success to success ever since. There are currently over 50,000 casks slumbering in the distillery.

In 2019, The GlenAllachie was named Scottish Whisky Distillery of the Year.
The GlenAllachie boasts 16 warehouses - with plans to add even more soon!
The majority of The GlenAllachie's produce is used in a number of Chivas blends.


The GlenAllachie Distillery was commissioned in 1967 by Scottish Newcastle Breweries through their subsidiary, Mackinlay, Macpherson & Company, which the brewery had acquired in 1961, in order to supply fillings for that company’s many blends.

The architect was William Delmé-Evans, the leading distillery designer of the day who had previously completed Tullibardine (1949), Macduff (1960) and Jura (1963) Distilleries. A Welshman by birth, with French antecedents, Delmé-Evans spent many holidays in Scotland during the 1930s and became fascinated by whisky distilling. He suffered from tuberculosis, so was unfit for war service, and it was during a period of convalescence that he made a thorough study of the distilling process.

From the 1940s his goal was to design “an up-to-date, gravity-fed distillery” which would be more efficient than traditional sites, and in 1947 bought an old brewery at Blackford in Perthshire where he began to apply his design theory. On completion, he managed the distillery, named Tullibardine, then sold it to Brodie Hepburn, whisky brokers in 1953. They would go on to establish Deanston Distillery in 1963.

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