Glengoyne Whisky

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glengoyne Distillery was founded in 1833, and its uniquely shaped stills have been making subtle yet complex single malt whisky ever since.

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About Glengoyne

Glengoyne Distillery can be found nestled on the ‘Highland Line’ just north of Glasgow, making it one of the most accessible distilleries but also one of the most unique. Technically the whisky is distilled in the highlands and matured just across the road, in what is considered to be the lowlands. Glengoyne mostly use selected Spanish and American oak casks for the maturation process, and this gives the whiskies their renowned fruity character.

As the barley germinates, peat smoke is usually what dries out the barley. However Glengoyne only uses barley that has been dried using warm air.
Glengoyne have the slowest stills in Scotland, and the casks take a whole six years to prepare!
100% of the distillery's power comes from renewable electricity. It even has its own wetlands, and its very own beehives on site.


In the 19th century, heavy taxation meant a great deal of whisky producers had to hone their art by unlawful means. The forests of Glengoyne provided excellent cover for them to continue producing in peace. Glengoyne was founded in 1833, ten years after the first act was passed that eased restrictions on whisky producers. Ownership moved from various hands into Edrington in 1965, and a massive expansion occurred in 2003 that saw the distillery more than double its output.

Taste Profile

Glengoyne is known for flavours of...