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    Glenturret Single Malt Whisky

    Glenturret claims to be the oldest working distillery in Scotland, but the misleading history of the name means their claim is often disputed. The site of the distillery certainly seems to have been used for distilling as early as 1775 when the Hosh distillery was registered at the same location, and some accounts even suggest there was illegal distillation happening there as early as 1717. In 1875 the Hosh distillery purchased rights to use the Glenturret name from another local distillery.

    The distillery was then closed in 1923 and the buildings, including all of the distilling equipment, were sold and converted for farming use by 1930. The site was not used as a distillery again until 1959 after it was bought by James Fairlie, who completely refurbished the buildings and installed new equipment. As such, there is a question of whether the consistent location means Glenturret really is one of the oldest distilleries, or if the brand new equipment installed in 1959 means it is actually one of the youngest.

    Regardless of age, the distillery has found success due to its association with the popular Famous Grouse blends (produced by owners Highland Distillers). The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret distillery has become one of the most popular visitor centres in Scotland, after it was constructed for a cost of £2.5million in 2002. Despite attracting so many visitors, the distillery has a very small production capacity of only 340,000 litres – almost all of which is used as a main component in Famous Grouse. A small percentage of Glenturret whisky is aged and released as an official 10 year old single malt expression.

    Charles MacLean :

    'The district in which the distillery stands is known as ‘The Hosh’ and was recorded as a haunt of smugglers as far back as 1717, one of whom tenanted the farm upon which Glenturret Distillery would later be built. Based on the fact that this farmer- distiller was known to be operating in 1775, Glenturret claims to be the oldest distillery in the Scotland.

    When Barnard visited it was very old fashioned: The inner workings of the Distillery [i.e. Still House, Mash House, ‘Running and Receiving Room’] are of the oldest fashion, plan and type, and of the same character as that in vogue half a century since. Here are no new fads, appliances or patents, but, like the buildings, the vessels are all of the ancient pattern. Still today, Glenturret’s equipment is quaint – particularly its mash tun, which has no mechanical stirring gear and must be agitated and the draff emptied by hand with a wooden paddle and a spade.

    The first licensed distiller at The Hosh was James Drummond, from 1818 to 1842, when he went bankrupt. The second licensee also filed for bankruptcy, and in 1874 the licence was taken by a local landowner, Thomas Stewart, who changed its name from ‘Hosh’ to ‘Glenturret’. After a further change of ownership in 1903, the distillery was closed and dismantled during the 1920s.

    Its revival was the work of an entrepreneur named James Fairlie who bought the site in 1957, repaired and restored the buildings and reinstated the equipment, often buying second- hand plant, with a view to, in his words, “preserving the craft traditions of malt distilling and developing its appreciation”. To this end he welcomed visitors – the second distillery so to do (Glenfiddich was the first, opening a visitor centre in1969) – and laid on tours and tastings. The popularity of the pretty market town of Crieff, nearby, as a tourist resort and spa, ensured that interest was strong, and this was increased dramatically after the distillery came to be owned by Highland Distilleries (now The Edrington Group).

    In 2002 Edrington invested £2.2 million in up-grading the visitor facilities and creating what they named ‘The Famous Grouse Experience’. This popular attraction welcomes around 100,000 visitors a year.'

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