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    Royal Lochnagar

    The roots of Royal Lochnagar date back to around 1823 when James Robertson founded a distillery in Glen Feardan following the introduction of the Excise Act which legalised whisky production in Scotland. Like many other distillers who gained a license around this time, he faced intimidation from the many illicit distillers working in the Speyside and Highland regions. His first distillery was burnt down by rivals and so he built another distillery with the name Lochnagar (named after the mountain which it sits at the foot of) but this was also burnt down in 1841.

    A distillery on the current site was first constructed in 1845 by John Begg, it was dubbed New Lochnagar. It functioned peacefully and remained in the Begg family until 1915 when it was sold to John Dewar & Sons. A series of mergers and acquisitions led it to the portfolio of current owners Diageo. It is the smallest distillery in the Diageo portfolio, producing just under half a million litres of alcohol annually – and one of the smallest in Scotland full stop. Due to this small capacity, official expressions are limited and the 12 year old is the only commonly available bottling. There have also been limited releases as part of the Rare Malts and Distiller’s Editions series’.

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