Single Malt Whisky

A gem of the industry with an unbelievably consistent series of expressions. An experimental distillery, this distillery has managed to keep producing world-leading single malt throughout its incredible history. This is one that will always ignite the curiosity and turn the heads of whisky connoisseurs in the world.

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About Springbank

The distillery produces three types of peated and unpeated malt whisky that it bottles under three distinct brands. Longrow, the most traditional of the three, is a heavily-peated malt, distilled twice. Hazelburn is an free from any peat, and is triple-distilled. And Springbank, the eponymous dram, is produced in the quintessential Campbeltown style. The difference is achieved by using Springbank’s three stills in different combinations as well as adjusting the peat levels. Most of its distillate is bottled as a single malt, with a small percentage sold to larger blenders

The widely-known reputation of the distillery was only established in the 1990s after a spate of supremely high-quality bottlings turned heads across the world..
Springbank was the first distillery in Scotland to malt, distil, mature, and bottle on the same site.
Springbank produce the most hand made whisky in Scotland.


Campbeltown’s acclaim as ‘the whiskiest place in the world’ is not without merit. A town of less than 5,000 people, it somehow had a breathtaking 34 legal working distilleries. Moreover, the first reference to Campbeltown is astonishingly early, in 1591. But like with many of the great homes of whisky, things can fall apart without notice. Springbank is one of the last surviving producers of single malt whiskies in Campbeltown. It still has ties to its history though, despite its tumultuous past. In 2013, it sold a bottle of 1919 50-year-old Springbank for over £50,000 to one very lucky whisky collector.

Taste Profile

Springbank is known for flavours of...

Peat Smoke
Sea Salt