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    The Loch Fyne Living Cask Batch 4 Glass Pack


    Bottle size: 50cl

    Fudge Waxy Oak Oily Fruity Vanilla Taste
    The Loch Fyne Living Cask is a combination of single malts that have all spent time in a cask that is never emptied - hence the concept that it is living! Different malts are introduced periodically and the cask is bottled in a series of batches. Batches one, two, three and four have now been released. The gift box contains a 50cl bottle of Living Cask and two Glencairn glasses.
    The Living Cask still held some whisky from the original 1999 vatting. Into this was introduced a goodly portion of the 1745, then additional malts from regions other than Islay, in keeping with the ‘solera system’. It is expected that there will be four or five batches each year. The idea is that as The Living Cask continues its life, each change will be noted and given a batch number, so the drinker can assess the changes and even collect the series.

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