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    Deanston Single Malt Whisky

    Located on the River Teith, north of Stirling, Deanston is unique among the whisky distilleries of Scotland due to it not always being used for distilling purposes. From 1785 until as recently as 1966 the building actually functioned as a cotton mill; at one stage employing 1000 people and providing a home to Europe’s largest waterwheel. The decision to convert the site to a distillery was taken largely because of the easy access to fresh water from the River Teith, which still provides the distillery’s water source to this day.

    The distillery was purchased by Invergordon in 1972 but was closed between 1982 and 1991 until it was purchased by Burn Stewart Distillers and production re-commenced. Today Deanston is one of the world’s leading ‘green’ distilleries. Not only is it Scotland’s only self-sufficient distillery, with power generated by a hydro-energy facility on-site, but their whisky is one of a small number which has been officially certified as Organic.

    Approximately 15% of the spirit produced at Deanston is retained for bottling as official single malt, with the rest being used for Burn Stewart blends such as Black Bottle whisky and Scottish Leader. There is an official 12 year old unchillfiltered bottle available and a 30 year old bottle was released in 2006. Their single malt whisky commonly has a smooth and floral character with a spicy linger on the palate.

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