Old Pulteney Whisky

Let it Slow

Take it down a notch this Christmas and be transported to Caithness with the 'Sounds of Wick' soundtrack. Enjoy the relaxing sounds of lapping sea waves and the rhythmic tempo of the Old Pulteney team crafting fine single malt. The perfect soundtrack to a tranquil dram.


A strange name for a distillery overlooking the ‘cold grey sea of Cathness’, you might well think. The name was bestowed on the recomedation of no less a person than Thomas Telford (the ‘Father of Civil Engineering’), who designed ‘Puleneytown’, a model village, and the port of Wick.

Old Pulteney describes itself as ‘The Maritime Malt’ and was once known as ‘The Manzanilla of the North’, on account of its key-note dry and salty taste. It is a perfect aperitif.