Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A rugged, robust distillery, exclusively producing the only single malt whisky to come from the Isle of Skye.

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About Talisker

Talisker is one of the distillery’s that is synonymous with its location. This storm-battered, robust island has its spirit embodied in this whisky. There are still crofters’ holdings around Talisker distillery, and the village of Carbost continues to be filled with ‘life and motion’. This is largely thanks to the fact that Talisker and its visitor centre is now a major tourist attraction and owner Diageo’s most-visited distillery. Considering the effort that it takes to get to this remote western part of Skye, that is in itself quite an achievement.

Talisker was the favourite whisky of writers Robert Louis Stevenson and HV Morton.
In November 1960 a fire burned down the still-room. The distillery was rebuilt around exact copies of the old stills.
For the ultimate sensory experience, Talisker recommend oysters as a flavour pairing.


Talisker Distillery was founded by Hugh and Kenneth Macaskill. Travelling from the tiny island of Eigg, to the south of Skye, they had not planned on bringing the island to the world, instead they had originally planned on bringing sheep to the island! They built Talisker Distillery in 1830, against the incandescent anger of the devoutly religious Skye community. Once the dram was tasted across the country, news spread of its superior quality. World famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson recommended it as one of the best malts he had tasted, and demand grew quickly for this remote distillery. The distillery is located some 20 miles from the island capital of Portree, partly along single-track roads, and stands in the shadow of the magnificent Cuillin Hills, which attract thousands of climbers every year. Indeed, Talisker’s whisky has been referred to as ‘the lava of the Cuillins,’ and the aptness of that description is apparent to anybody who has sampled this mighty single malt.

Taste Profile

Talisker is known for flavours of...

Lush Green Moss
Sea Salt