Jameson Whiskey

Jameson, the world's best-selling Irish whiskey brand, is made at the Midleton
distillery in Cork. It is the flagship whiskey of Irish Distillers with over 20 million
bottles globally sold each year. Within the exceptionally balanced blends is Irish
single pot still and grain whiskeys. Browse our collection here, from the 18 year old
limited reserve blend with lingers of wood, spice, and toffee to the famous
remarkably smooth triple distilled Jameson blend with a floral and spicy

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Jameson History

The history behind the signature smoothness of Jameson’s dates back to 1780 when John Jameson, a Scotsman pioneered a method of manufacturing Irish whiskey. Most of the competition in the market at the time was only double distilled whiskey. However, John believed the secret to smooth whiskey was to go one step further. He began to lead the way in the whiskey industry and triple distilled his products.

In 1805 Jameson took full ownership of the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin. He and his son founded the John Jameson and Son Whiskey company. With their hard work and determination to manufacture the best possible whiskey, the Jameson brand soon become recognised worldwide.

In 1966, Jameson merged with the Cork Distillers Company and John Powers to form the Irish Distillers Group. They built the New Middleton Distillery in 1976 which meant manufacturing was moved here. Today, you can go visit the Bow Street Distillery, where the bestselling Irish whiskey all started.

The Process

Jameson Irish whiskey is manufactured by combining the finest grain whiskey with rich pot still whiskey derived from both malted and unmalted barley. Both are distilled three times which is where the Jameson smoothness comes from.


The main ingredients of Jameson are unmalted and malted barley, maize, and Irish water. Jameson’s barely is locally grown within one hundred miles of Middleton. And the water they use runs directly through the distillery from the Dungourney River. Whilst most of the Jameson Irish whiskey ingredients are locally sourced, a farmer in the South of France delivers them unmodified maize.

Characteristics of Jameson

Smooth, malt and fruit, both dried and fresh.

Complementing Jameson Mixer

Jameson’s signature triple distilled blend of Irish whiskey pairs perfectly with ginger ale. Simply mix 1 part Jameson with 2 parts ginger ale.

We also suggest drinking Jameson neat to experience the full smoothness and exquisite flavours.