Inchgower Whisky

Inchgower stands just outside the fishing port of Buckie on the Moray Firth – a long way from Speyside, although it is classified as such. It was built in 1871 and bought by Arthur Kinmond Bell, son of the eponymous Arthur Bell, in 1936 from Buckie Town Council, who had acquired it following the bankruptcy of its owner earlier that year.

A.K. (as he was always known) travelled up there by train, inspected the distillery in the company of the Provost of Buckie, liked what he saw and immediately offered the Provost £3,000 for the distillery, its extensive warehouses and eight ‘model’ cottages. This was promptly accepted on behalf of Buckie Town Council, then, as they were leaving the distillery, the Provost pointed out a picturesque old mansion-house nearby which traditionally housed the distillery manager and which was also for sale. A.K. immediately offered him a further £1,000. Dazed by the sudden offer, the Provost accepted and the deal was done. In later life he was heard to mutter: “It was the first time I was done twice in one day”!